About Dr Frahm

I provide sessions both in-office and via zoom meetings. 

Nothing is more interesting than people. Although I love math, physics, engineering, and chemistry, I chose to study psychology because of the challenge and importance of understanding what it means to be human.

My Doctorate in clinical psychology was followed by a post-doctoral Master's in clinical psychopharmacology. I have advanced training in evidenced-based therapies for couples, including Emotionally Focused Therapy (Sue Johnson's EFT) and the Gottman (level 3) methods.

In my private practice I have helped individual patients with mood disorders, PTSD, schizophrenia, self-defeating behaviors, and existential crisis. But I consider myself primarily a FAMILY PSYCHOLOGIST. I have a strong conviction regarding the importance of the family unit. Families are the very building blocks of our society. Our individual personalities are rooted in our early family experiences. Success in creating our own family as an adult depends on our ability to learn and grow. It is my passion and privilege to help families succeed. 

In therapy sessions I use humor and I strive to be personable, kind, and compassionate. My patients say they feel comfortable with me. I focus on safety, expression, understanding, and respect. I believe that if we were all-knowing, we would be all-forgiving.

Many years of work with chronic pain patients have given me experience with stress management, and a proficiency in the use of biofeedback. I have conducted parenting workshops to promote positive parenting and to teach and demonstrate the appropriate use of punishment. When working with couples, I utilize therapy methods that have empirically proven results because much of my life was spent as a blue-collar worker where "getting the job done right" was the only real measure of success. 

In my personal life, I have coached my son's and daughters' basketball teams in the Plantation Athletic League. I have led Troop 698 Boy Scouts on high adventure backpacking trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I have filled many volunteer positions in the church where I have actively attended for over 30 years as a South Florida resident. I know five ways to throw a frisbee, and four of them are reasonably accurate.  :)

Feel free to contact me (texting is most efficient, phone calls are best on Fridays) at 754-273-7379.