Recommended Reading: You Just Don't Understand

Deborah Tannen is a really smart woman who has written several books about the gender differences in the English language. Whether you think that language differences are the outcome of inherently different gender characteristics, or that gender characteristics are the result of language differences, I think that you will find this particular book of hers quite accurate and informative. The book is filled the author's experiences that capture the feel of real life moments that any married couple will recognize as their own.

What I find especially edifying is the author's even-handed approach. Often, a discussion of gender differences turns into a quazi-socio-political debate of the rightness and/or wrongness of the ways of men and/or women. Tannen is fair in her representation of both sides and acknowledges the utility of the different approaches of each.

I have enjoyed reading this book and have found it to be helpful in both my private and professional life. I highly recommend it.