Christmas: A Time To Remember

Every year at Christmas time the retail-machinery of our consumer-culture kicks into gear. Consequently, instead of Christmas being the religious celebration that it is ideally meant to be, it is routinely transformed into a competition of gift buying and receiving. High expectations rapidly ensue and give rise to high frustrations.

Unfortunately, most of us misbehave when we are frustrated -- we become aggressive or detached, moody or withdrawn. So the irony of the Christmas season is that when we are expecting to have fun and joy we can easily find ourselves in the midst of stress and contention.

So Christmas is a great time to remember...
  • Things do not have to be perfect
  • Relationships with our loved ones are more valuable than any temporal possessions
  • Making mistakes is a part of life -- even the mistake of being stressed-out
Here's hoping that we can all remember the important things as we go through the Christmas season, and find that joy that is always there (whether we recognize it or not).